Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sarah Palin Gives Riveting Response

I believe this Sarah Palin clip was intended to be her scripted response to the violent attack in Tuscon, Arizona where six people died and twenty were injured last Saturday. If you ask me the clip comes across as a politicking ad campaign and reflects little if no healing message for our country or those devastated by this terrible disaster. Where's the love Sarah? Where is the sincerity in sharing their pain, our pain? She should have stopped about 30 seconds into the script.

Sarah probably delivers one of her best scripted speeches on record, however, the moment sadly called for a less practiced and more genuine talk (see President Obama memorial speech) with a grieving nation. Its not what she said as much as what she didn't say or show. She didn't show true compassion. Now, because of her winded plea for ........... party peace, the Jewish community is outraged at her use of the term "Blood Libel." We as a nation should pray for Sarah. Hopefully she'll get it someday.

A Youtube commentor said it best: Thank You Koiman23

I have never seen a more crafty, albeit stupid, sociopath than Sarah Palin. She has an ability to take a national tragedy and turn into something about HER, and while doing so, make it look like she's FOR something positive for the nation. I understand how gullible people think she's great... I have a trust, however, that a significant majority of us see her for what she is: a narcissistic, self-serving megalomaniac. But that's just me, I'm just a PhD in clinical psychology.

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