Monday, January 17, 2011

Ageless Wisdom in Senior Moment Movie

from the movie "How About You"

My review on the movie "How About You." Its movies like this that remind us to stop bitching about what life hasn't given us and begin appreciating the privilege of being alive for a day. Life really does have a brilliant sparkle to it if we remove the lens of hate, prejudice, fear and selfishness. Honestly it does!

This movie snuck up and surprised me with its wisdom and lessons on life. You always hear how older people carry much wisdom for the young to learn from. Well in this movie that theory is a bit flipped and its the younger person reminding the older of how to continue living a joyful life, even if getting old, as they say, is a pain in the rear end.

There's a part in this movie that I connected with so much, even though I haven't reached that big five-o year yet. Possible Spoiler Alert:

Its where a terminally ill senior is sitting and reflecting on life with the young aide she's recently befriended. The scene itself is almost dreamlike as the two are sitting in the winter foilage next to a stream with snowflakes falling.

The senior says, "You see things properly just as you're about to leave. And its as if you're seeing them for the first time. Everything seems to shine."

Now maybe it was the medicinal marijuana the young lady had given the senior to puff on that gave her this profound vision on life, but I'd like to think it was the result of being closer to her maker that inspired feelings of connectivity to everything in the world. Either way, its a moment that echoed through the rest of the movie for me.

Many, like myself, who've survived a debilatating illness, remember similar feelings like this senior woman had at that moment. Life seems to sparkle at you from all corners of the universe during or after a near-death experience. And if we recognize that sparkle we can't help but return a sparkling smile at life, just as this senior did.

Ageless wisdom at its finest!

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