Sunday, January 16, 2011

Only Al Davis knows for sure............

This sentence says more about the future of Oakland Raiders football than any other attempting to define the machinations of the organization today.

Only Al Knows!

Its been the truth about the organization since 1972 when Al Davis led a coup d' etat to wrestle control from his partners via a revised partnership agreement. Check out how it supposedly went down:

In 1972, while managing general partner Wayne Valley was attending the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Davis drafted a revised partnership agreement that made him the new managing general partner, with near-absolute control over team operations.

So as principal owner/general managing partner of the Raiders of today, and still demonstrating an uncanny ability of taking behind the scenes risks, Big Al has ousted a head coach and defensive coordinator without us the fans, the supposed 12th-man partner in the Raider Nation, given as much as a hint about future generalship of the team.

You'll find plenty of speculation on what Al's coaching, as well as player, plans are for the 2011 NFL season. The speculation heated up when it was revealed that Pro Bowl cornerback
Nnamdi Asomugha became a free-agent by contract default and could begin shopping his shutdown skillz around the league. This morning it began sizzling with the teams' release of Defensive Coordinator John Marshall. But Al ain't talking and risking tilting his hand, even as grievance charges are filed against him by fired coach Tom Cable as we speak. Let'em talk.

With a newNFL Owner/Player
Collective Bargaining Agreement due this 2011 season, it appears Al is just playing the table and not ready to show his cards yet. He'll stall, exhibit various facial expressions, remain silent and continue plotting while all the time observing the table and his opponents. When the time is right he'll make a call and show his cards. Until then expect Al to confide in nobody, not even a minority partner.

To us who know Al and feel entitled to a peek behind the scenes, we should know better. For the outsiders and enemies wanting to be the first to critique Al's method of thinking and weaken his control of the table, its very simple; only Al knows.

And if you were to ask Al directly I'm sure you'd get a wise-guy answer like "Its Just Business." Because when it really boils down to it, it might be sports to many of us, but to Al first and foremost its just business. Only Al knows.


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