Saturday, June 24, 2006

Raider Nation Podcast

With the Miami Heat closing out the basketball season and the Carolina Hurricanes putting a freeze on Hockey, I'd rather listen to a Raider Nation Podcast than become a bandwagon fan of some foreign Soccer team. Screw Soccer. If for no other reason than that they claim to be the real football game. Pllease, spare me the argument. As Forrest Gump might say, "Soccer is what soccer does." They run around for hours trying to kick a ball into an oversized net defended by one man. And the final scores still resembles a pitchers duel in baseball, 1-0. Maybe they should call it Netball or Goalball. Or how about giving them some sticks to whack the ball and opponents with. Whack away at a soccer players legs with a wooden stick for hours and see if he's as bold running into the opposing territory, now that's a sport I could enjoy. Make'em bleed.

Nothing compares to American Football. The only sport that compares to armies doing battle on the field. Where domination of your opponent takes more than just skill, it takes heart and commitment to win at all costs. Where playing in pain is what makes you great and even your opponent recognizes and respects your competitive toughness. What other sport plays their games in the brutal elements of nature's storms? A football player understands that when he goes onto the field he risks not only career ending injury but possibly life ending injury, yet he plays the game because of his love for it. A General during WWII defined courage in the face of battle as "when your scared as hell to go, but you go anyway." Well, true football players leave their fear in the locker room when they go to do battle knowing that fear can only get in the way of them accomplishing their goal to win. In football, a smaller man with a large heart can humble a larger man with his fearless playing style. A slower man can limit a faster man by instilling fear in him with one crushing blow. Again, it takes heart to play football and those who play the game are constantly reminded of this fact.

We as fans watch football as if we're a part of the action down on the field. We feel the pride and pain that our team feels. We leave the stadium so affected by how our team played a game that the mood, good or bad dependent on win or lose, lingers in our daily lives until next game. We football fans hate our opponents with a passion so great that the mere opposing colors at a game can ignite fury and unsportsmanlike behavior. We don't intend on being unruly fans but one a-hole Bronco or KC fan trying to prove his courage at a Raiders game is enough to bring out the dark side of a diehard Raiders fan. True fans know that when going into an opponents territory you show some respect and act accordingly. The battle should be on the field and not in the stands, but I will admit that the alcohol and adrenaline mix can make for a powder keg only needing a small spark of agitation to ignite the fuse. Word from the wise to opposing fans attending Raider games at the Coliseum, "Don't Be A Spark."

Well friends, fans of football and evil empires of the gridiron, I've exhausted my ramblings today on why Football is the greatest sport on earth. I leave with you Raiders Fans a link to the Raider Nation Podcast, an internet radio broadcast of Raiders news, commentary and notes of Raider Nation interest by Raider Greg.

Hang in there Raider Fans, just 57 days until we "storm the beaches" at Network Coliseum to beat the trespassing san francisco whiners back across the bay. This is a battle for supremacy in the bay, all Raider Nation soldiers report for duty. Battle Attire Black! Whiner fans, bring your courage, leave your sparks!

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RaiderGreg said...


It seems to be a recurrent theme this pre-season, a
"Focus on the Fans."

I believe that when Shells said, "BRING BACK DA NASTY," it ignited a fuse. A powder keg that has been building with each losing season.


The excitement is building for a RAIDER NATION EXPLOSION!

Unlike other pre-seasons, the talk of "Pride & Poise," along with "Commitment to Excellence" rings loud and clear in the RAIDER NATION.

It is fans like you and blogs like this that give a voice to the RAIDER NATION.


Raider Greg