Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dallas Mavericks Win Game 1

Dirk Nowitzki, who constantly reminds me of a favorite monster movie character "Sanda" (War of The Gargantuas) and the Dallas Mavericks took game 1 of the NBA Finals winning it 90-80.

Though Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade battled a flu-like illness all week, he played with abandon and heart. Shaq however wasn't quite as productive and at times seemed to be slow adjusting. Poor free-throw shooting by Miami (37%) contributed to their loss.

My take on the game is that Avery Johnson out-coached Pat Riley. For the Miami Heat to have a first half eleven point lead and then be down by two at half-time shows which team made adjustments and which team didn't.

Player of the game for Dallas was Jason Terry with 32 points. Dirk admittedly had an off night and JT carried the team with clutch shooting. Both teams played strong defense throughout. After the game Dirk, JT and Avery Johnson all said how the Mavericks playing as a team is what allows them to adjust to opponents and take over games. It's hard not to like the Dallas Mavericks in this one. The players have a good team attitude with plenty of confidence in each other and their coaching staff. Game 2 will be played on Sunday, again in Dallas.

As for that War of the Gargantuas character that so much resembles Dirk, I'll pay the market value plus 10% to anyone that can provide me with a copy of that monster movie classic, vhs or dvd. And Dirk should be thankful he resembles the Brown Monster (Sanda), who was the good one and not the uglier green one (Gaira) who was a human eating beast.

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