Tuesday, June 13, 2006

'D Wade Brings Miami Heat Back to Respectibility

Dwayne Wayne put his stamp on game 3 of the NBA finals scoring 42 points and bringing the Miami Heat back to defeat the Dallas Mavericks 98-96. Miami came out strong and looked like tonight was their night. But the Mavericks showed their resilience and battled back to take an eleven point lead by the fourth quarter. That's when Wade put it in high gear and let his quickness and rebounding lead his team to victory. I don't know why ABC network didn't replay more the layup where Wade, with Dallas defenders all around, floated to the basket, faked to his right then used his incredible hang time to fake out the other defender and make the basket. That shot brought bake memories of MJ, though we don't want to get into comparisons do we?

Shaq played well and suprisingly improved on his free-throw shooting. Shaq claimed that a friend as well as his father told him to slow his shot down and shoot like he did in high school. It worked.

My man Gary "The Glove" Payton made a clutch jump shot for Miami with nine seconds left in the game. Payton's shot gave the Heat a huge lift helping them down the stretch.

As for the Mavericks, some may say that they just let this game slip away. Perhaps. But I still say they are the better TEAM and when they play as a team they can dominate any opponent. Whereas Miami needs their superstars to carry them, Dallas wins with good coaching and team effort. Who knows, had Dirk Nowitzki made his second free throw at the end, the game may have had a different ending. But then we would have been deprived of the hype leading to game 4 this Thursday. With Dallas leading the series 2-1, I'll bet Thursday's game gets a very high viewer rating as those who missed this game will not miss the next.

Congratulations Miami Heat for making this 2006 NBA Finals exciting and competitive.

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