Friday, June 23, 2006

NBA Champion Miami Heat

Today the NBA Champion Miami Heat will parade their trophy down a predetermined street route in Miami. The Heat defeated the Dallas Mavericks in game six to take the Finals series 4-2 tuesday night. The basketball world witnessed the coming out party of superstar player "Dwayne Wade" who was awarded the series MVP.

The lingering question many sports analysts are asking is did the Mavericks "Choke?" Well, choke is such a strong word, just ask the ghost of Luca Brasi. I'd say that Miami's defense took Dallas out of their gameplan by putting a stranglehold on Dirk Nowitzki. Miami beat Dallas without Shaq being much of a factor in game six. For Dallas to have won without Dirk factoring in the gameplan called for others to step up their play. Those players couldn't step up to the level of play that Miami guard Dwayne Wade and supporting cast had. It appeared that by the closing minutes of game six Dallas had lost their drive and will to fight for victory. And that my friends is the sign of an overpowering opponent.

So, I ask myself, did the Dallas Mavericks "Choke?" If the NBA finals were a seven course meal and during the eating of the third course dish Dallas needed water to wash down the food but didn't get it, they may not suffer from Asphyxation due to obstruction but it sure would make finishing the remaining courses of food very difficult.

Congratulations Miami Heat on winning your first NBA Championship!

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