Thursday, July 09, 2015


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Oakland Raiders Wall of Famer Kenny "The Snake" Stabler has passed away at the age of 69. 

For OL'skool Raider Nation he was the best quarterback ever. For those who didn't get to see him play, #12 Stabler jerseys flash throughout the Oakland Coliseum on game days, leaving you wondering just how great a quarterback he was. If there were no Ken Stabler, there'd never have truly been what's called that Raiders mystique. 

He led a bunch of renegades by example; partying, playing and producing wins that have become legendary. Parents nicknamed their kids "snake' in hopes that one day they'd be as tough and tenacious a leader as only Stabler was on Sundays. 

His passes were immaculate, with a natural spiral that would make Joe frickin Montana whistle in awe. He could hit a receiver in stride with pinpoint accuracy and make it look unrehearsed.  In an era when quarterback completion percentages topped out in the 50% category, his was in the 60% range.  

Lineman loved him, receivers adored him and defenses respected him.  He was Our knight in shining armor, saving the day time after time. He could possibly lay claim to being the most loved Raider ever. Mostly because he got the job done. Secondly, because the name just sounds so damn football cool.

Stabler: the name rolls off your tongue as slick as the man himself slipped away from pass rushers. Stabler: an Alabama kid following in the footsteps of another Crimson Tide great, Willie Joe Namath. Quarterbacks of that era were born to be quarterbacks and leaders. They exuded confidence on the field and off. They stood just a tad above the rest, and everyone knew when in their presence they'd seen greatness. 
We the Raider Nation salute! 
Rest Well Snake

Roll Tide!

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