Sunday, July 26, 2015

Flying Car - A Hybrid to Die For

They say they've worked out the parallel parking kinks. They say it'll revolutionize how we think of day to day travel and commuting.  They say it'll be available in 2021.  What worries me though is what they're not saying.

But don't let me rain on the parade of progressive future travel, the idea of commuting to work by air is a bay area commuters dream come true.  Commuter gridlock is getting worse by the day, and concerns about structural bridge safety just add to the stress. Well my brothers and sisters, dream no more, your nightmares are over.  

Only six years away with a projected price tag of around $400,000.00, you can say goodbye to fasttrak, commuter lanes and road raging fools. Because the "Terrafugia TF-X" can get you there fast, safe and stress free.  It's a new type of hybrid that puts prisms, teslas and self-driving vehicles to shame. 

For those old enough to remember the cartoon "The Jetsons," the waiting is over; George, wife Janie, daughter Judy and their boy Elroy have officially become the gold standard for modern day jet-setters.

Terrafugia currently has a flying car called "The Transition," but the TF-X model with it's vertical takeoff, 200mph air cruise speed and 500 mile range makes "The Transition" a relic.  

So get ready automobile owners, for soon you'll have to weigh whether an air vehicle is a viable option for your traveling needs.  I know Uber is licking its chops just thinking about it.

"Say Hello To Me Little Friend"

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