Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Baseball Giants On A Roll

The San Francisco Giants are something like 13-1 since the All-Star break. They've beat the cellar dweller teams that they're supposed to beat and now find themselves a half game back of the NL West division leader.

There's plenty of baseball left to play, but if the season were to end today the Giants would be in the postseason.  And we all know their recent history in the postseason (see commemorative pin set above).

The season has seen the Giants battle back from injured players, suspect pitching and hitting slumps. Now they're looking like the Major League Baseball Champions that they are; winning in every way imaginable.  

You just have to feel for teams like the Royals and Cardinals with their 60 plus winning records.  Both teams lead their division by more than 6 games and are playing amazing baseball.  But when they look over at the N.L. West team that beat them in last year's postseason and see the Giants are alive and well with a record of 55-44, the nightmares resurface and those 60 wins begin to feel like a weight around their necks.  

The Royals and Cards, like the Nationals and Pirates of last season, are well aware that you can't count the Giants out as long as they have a chance at the postseason.  And once the postseason begins, pray you see any colors but Orange & Black in the opposing team dugout.  Because October means Halloween, and the SF Giants have treated themselves mightily in recent postseasons while tricking opponents into believing they're just a paper tiger.  Three times in the past five seasons, the Giants came home with the World Series candy and left the losers feeling like Charlie Brown finding rocks in his candy basket.  

Happy Halloween

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