Wednesday, June 17, 2015

World's Best Basketball Team - Golden State Warriors

Can You Dig It!

Our Golden State Warriors (Dubs) are World Champions.  Wow!  I gotta say I'm still pinching myself.  Who Knew that they'd be this good?  We Bay Area sports fans have lived through decades of pro basketball futility thanks to bad drafts, bad play and just bad luck that's followed our Warriors.  What other team has a best player choking the coach incident in their history?  We've come a long way from that ugly Latrell Sprewell assault folks.

All the bad and ugly was washed away last night when the best TEAM in basketball snatched victory and a championship out of the reaching arms of the self-proclaimed best basketball player in the world and his Cleveland Cavaliers. Our Golden State Warriors have brought a basketball shine back to the Bay Area, and the world has seen a slimy catepillar turn into a beautifully bright, blue and gold butterfly; a Champion butterfly. 

Andre Igoudala was deservedly voted NBA Finals MVP, but the Championship Trophy belongs to the team, coaches, ownership, Oakland and the rest of the Bay Area that supported this team throughout this incredible season.  Northern California fans can finally don blue & gold Warriors colors with pride as they travel with their kids to Disneyland in Lakers territory. Kobe Who? Dubs Baby!

My first professional sports game attended here in the Bay Area was a Warriors game. Sleepy Floyd attended my 21st birthday party with family friend, and then Warriors player, Mickey Johnson.  I once gave up my Coliseum floor seat to a recently waived player named Sonny Parker. Didn't know at the time who he or the fine leggy female companion were. Back then you couldn't give away Warriors tickets. But that was a time before time.  That was before Don Nelson, Mark Jackson and Steve Kerr.  That was when the Warriors were Oakland's team.

Now the Warriors are the Bay Area's team and beyond.  They've ascended to greatness and sit atop the basketball world as Champions.  And it feels so good because its been so long.

Congratulations Golden State Warriors 

2015 NBA Champions

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