Sunday, June 07, 2015

Just Win Baby! Warriors vs Lebron Game 2

If you ain't wearing Warriors gold and blue, then you ain't riding with a sure winner. Unless maybe you bet on American Pharoah winning the triple crown yesterday. But that's a horse of a different color, let's stick to basketball shall we.

The Golden State Warriors will host game 2 of the NBA Finals in Oakland tonight.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming back for more after a competitive but disappointing game 1 loss. If nothing else, game 1 proved that the best basketball player on the planet, Cavs star Lebron James, cannot beat the Warriors alone; he needs help.  

The help he had in game 1, Kyrie Irving, is out for the rest of the series with a knee injury.  Without Irving the Finals are there for the taking should the Warriors choose to show no mercy.

In the animal kingdom, a predator comes across injured prey and must take precaution closing in and attacking, lest they end up having the tables turned and becoming a victim of their over aggressiveness. Not so in the world of sports. For in sports you see a weakened opponent and you attack their weakness with speed and precision until your prey hollers Uncle!

It's only game 2 of a seven game series against the King of basketball, but the Warriors are in the predator role as they approach a weaker, injury plagued Cavaliers team.  A blowout of the Eastern Conference champions tonight, and the Golden State Warriors can travel to Cleveland wearing sharkskin suits. Only these sharks won't be patiently circling their prey; they'll arrive with a gnawing hunger for a championship that has eluded them for 40 years.  Just try stopping them if you dare.

"The Jungle creed, says the strongest feed,
on any prey that it can
and I was branded beast at every feast, 
before I ever became a man!!"

No Mercy!

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