Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Champion SF Giants No-No New York

Giants pitcher Chris Heston getting the Buster Posey champions hug

Just when Bay Area Sports fans were settling into Golden State Warriors Finals play, the San Francisco Giants wrapped up a no-hitter with rookie Chris Heston on the mound in New York.

Heston pitched like he owned the New York Mets, striking out 11. Talk about keeping hitters off balance.  Giants defense kept the no-no alive with stellar play after stellar play. Maybe now the New York media will wake up and see what San Francisco baseball has been all about these past five plus years; winning. Then again, fugetaboutit!

With Giants second baseman Joe Panik returning to his home state with a championship ring in the trophy case, the second year starter hit one out for a homer. I'm sure family and friends of Panik were on hand to say goodbye to it. Go John Jay Joe!

The Giants would win this one 5-0, and the man of the hour is #53 Chris Heston. Congratulations Chris, you couldn't have done it in a better place leaking with Giants haters. For you younger baseball fans in case you didn't know, the Giants skipped out of New York in 1957 and the town has not gotten over it. Probably explains the media bias against anything Giants.  Come'on New York, it's been fifty-eight friggin years. Fugetaboutit.......

The San Francisco Giants just continue to make major league baseball history. They should, they're friggin Champions thrice over. And if New York doesn't get over its half-century old heartbreak, the rest of the sports world will have to tune into SF Bay Area broadcasting (CSNBA.COM) to get all the tasty details.

Scattered Clouds

7:10 PM ET, June 9, 2015
Citi Field, New York, New York 
W: C. Heston (6-4)
L: N. Syndergaard (2-4)

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