Sunday, April 19, 2015

Raiders Family - Glory Awaits Us

The Godfather, one of the most amazing family sagas ever put on film, highlights the life of a family leader and his successor son. The story of the Oakland Raiders might just be the most amazing family saga ever featured about a football team. This silver and black saga also features the loss of a family leader and the rise of his successor son.

The Oakland Raiders are on the brink of busting out of their twelve year slump.  Owner Mark Davis, son of the late, legendary Al Davis, is sticking with GM/Consigliere Reggie McKenzie's plan, and there's light shining through the tunnel.

Through all those years of misery there was one thing that was missing and has now been found; a quarterback.  Derek Carr, quarterback of the new Oakland Raiders, has exactly what the Silver & Black have been missing in their return to glory; consistency and leadership on the field. More parts are still needed but it seems much of the blueprint for success has been assembled. A strong foundation has been laid.

I see a stronger defense, a reliable offensive line, an experienced and proven coaching staff and just flat out playahs ready to play.  Questionable are receiver and running back positions, but that can be remedied with one draft or trade. I really do like the linebacking corps for this upcoming season and love the pickup of defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr. to head that corps.

On the website Bleacher Report there's a telling article titled "Returning to Glory Days" by Nick Costos.  The article talks about where the Raiders have been, where they are currently and how far they need to go in order to return to greatness.  Based on Nick's assessment, the Raiders aren't that far off.  

Like a storybook saga that has its up and downs, that's what the silver and black team has resembled since returning to Oakland in 1995.  Such is life, a path of cycles that every living thing must journey. This coming NFL season I see the losing cycle ending and one of winning with consistency beginning for the Raiders.  

Its time the pieces come together to produce what was once a Team of the Decades franchise. Just give me those two or so remaining pieces to fill the roster. Gimme an Adrian Peterson at running back or an Odell Beckham type receiver out of the draft. 

Give me a chance to show the rest of the league that the Oakland Raiders are again a family and football team who'd "rather be feared than respected." Give me a silver and black return to glory. Then, get me a another championship!

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