Thursday, April 16, 2015

Golden State Warriors (67-15)

I am speechless!  How the hell did Our Golden State Warriors finish an NBA regular season with sixty-seven wins and only fifteen losses? 39-2 at home, are you serious? 

What are the chances, after all these painfully losing years, that they'd put together a spectacular record breaking, sports shaking season like we witnessed here in 2014-15?  I see the headlines, I hear the sports talk and still I have to ask myself; did the Warriors really pull off such a feat? Are they truly heading into the playoffs with the best record in the NBA?

And they actually did it with a rookie, first time head coach?

If this is the best it gets for the Warriors then its been a truly great season. We should congratulate the team, the coaching staff and ownership for a job very well done.  Should the Golden State Warriors step it up a notch in the playoffs, then win, lose or tie they would've given Warriors fans what we've long been waiting for; a championship team. 

For we must remember Warriors fans, that this is not the end of a great season, its the beginning of an extraordinary Pro Basketball dynasty right here in our backyard.  We're blessed to be alive to witness it Live on our turf!

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