Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bare-Knuckle Boxer Bill Richmond

I'd read about the old boxing legend Bill "The Black Terror" Richmond in a book titled "Black Ajax" years ago.  Unfortunately for me, the book focused more on a protege of his, "Tom Molineaux," than on Richmond, who's story and legacy is truly one for the ages. Molineaux was a very tough boxer, but Richmond had the tact and intelligence to overcome obstacles both in the ring and out.

Today I watched a great documentary on Bill Richmond.  It was as informative in its historical reflection of early 1800's London, England as it was on the early days of boxing (milling). We in America owe much to England for our taste in sports icons and champions.

Every boxing fan should take time to view this slice of pugilistic history. The man they called "The Black Terror" was a boxer ahead of his time in many ways. To go from a slave boy in New York to a cabinet maker in England to being recognized by a King of England for his boxing prowess is testament to this man's legacy.

Boxing Great Bill Richmond; a pioneer in the art and sweet science of boxing.

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