Thursday, November 13, 2014

MLB - Just For The Record

Because the New York driven sports media find it hard to look back on the amazing accomplishments of the 2014 San Francisco Giants championship run, I post it here. We SF fans must remember that the Giants 1958 exodus from New York will never be forgiven in that northeast metropolis.  Too bad, they're missing out on some historic big league baseball.  Could be worse, they could be hatin' on the San Francisco Yankees!

There is one other reason for the media hatin' so on the Giants; viewer ratings. The Giants brand of baseball takes a baseball fan's knowledge of the game in order to appreciate the full package. Even seasoned fans see things during a Giants game that they've never seen before.  Based on articles like this one in Forbes Magazine (Boring San Francisco Giants Threaten World Series Ratings - Again!) viewers want a barrage of home runs, dominating starting pitchers and circus-like outfielders climbing walls to steal home runs in every game. Well as a Giants Fan I only got one comment to all that: NoT Up In Here!

Lest they ever forget the 2014 postseason, here it is in all its Giants glory:

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