Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Curry Connects On 8 Three Point Shots

The Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry were in Miami taking on the Heat.  Miami led 62-61 at half-time. Then came the second half and a surge by Stephen Curry doused any chances for the Heat to win the game. Curry was on Fire with a scorching 40pts as he led the Warriors to their sixth consecutive victory.

We knew that the Warriors would be contenders this season just by the way they performed in last seasons' playoffs.  But who knew that new head coach Steve Kerr would have them playing some of their best basketball Ever!  

The Warriors are tearing through NBA teams top to bottom, like they're in a race to reach the playoffs and revenge past season failures.  They've given notice to the league, as well as us fans, that they're not to be taken lightly this season.  

If they ended last season with a spark, then you can say coach Kerr has begun this season with a mountain brush fire blazing underneath this Warriors squad. There seems to be a burning desire by this team to go out every night and not just beat the opponent, but torch'em to a crisp. Tonight, Steph Curry set flame throwers to full blast, scorching everything in his path not wearing Warriors protective gear. So get your Hazmat suits ready, the Warriors have come out to play.

Final Score
Warriors 114
Heat 97

Top Performers

Golden State
Stephen CurryCurry
Points: 40
Reb: 6
Ast: 7
Stl: 3
Blk: 1
Chris BoshBosh
Points: 26
Reb: 9
Ast: 1
Stl: 0
Blk: 1
Flame On!

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