Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Kerr, Curry & Klay - Warriors Roll

Our Golden State Warriors are off to their best start in eons (20 years to be exact) as they move to 4-0 to start the NBA season.  New head coach Steve Kerr has the team playing like a contender early. They were exciting to watch last season, but something has changed to make them better.

Tonight the highly regarded Los Angeles Clippers visited Oaktown and the Warriors brought them down a few notches by dominating in every phase of the game. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andrew Bogut and practically the entire team showed up and showed off. Leading by 20+ pts from the second quarter onward, the Warriors seemed as if they were toying with the Clips and at times almost had a globetrotter look to them. 

Everyone contributed in the win and I have to say, if this is a preview of what to expect throughout the season, Golden State is in the championship conversation. I know its early, but I believe they've got a good shot at making it to the big show. Time will tell. The boys can shoot, defend and create open shots for one another, what more could you ask for in a young and hungry team?

If this team can stay healthy we are truly in for a treat.  Why not tune into them early in the season, especially since bay area NFL football looks bleak.  This is a NBA season no bay area sports fan should miss.

It's time to start wearing the blue and gold folks. The Warriors have come out to play.

Final Score
Clippers 104
Warriors 121

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