Monday, July 07, 2014

Running of the Bulls 2014

For the past few years I've always posted something about Pamplona, Spain's annual Running of the Bulls event. First I was fascinated by the exciting risk that a man would take to come butt to face with a full grown bull.  After awhile I found myself thinking maybe it was something I'd like to try.  

Then the other year I saw a father running with his young, scared out his wits adolescent son, desperately trying to avoid the onrush of a mad, charging bull.  Don't know if the son lived to tell about it without attending long term therapy sessions.

Last year I'd changed my tune and was rooting for the Bulls.  I figure any fool that would put not only his God-given life in jeopardy, but also that of his child should easily earn a "Darwin Award" and be booted from the island; by sharp bulls horns if necessary.

The heart-stopping run and subsequent parties were originally organised in honor of San Fermin, patron saint of Navarra, although the religious aspect has now faded

I'm truly becoming an old prude when it comes to grown men doing stupid things, just so they can brag about it to friends and anybody willing to listen.  It seems more and more that wealthy, white collar businessmen are taking the plunge against the bulls of Pamplona. I suppose they see it as a badge of courage and adventure.  Maybe a return to the gallant hunter leaving the sanctuary of the cave to challenge his wits against wild animals. 

That is until they find a bulls horn gorged balls deep into their backside, as they lay splayed facedown, spread eagle, eating Spanish dirt; crying and praying for the bull to stop!  And yet and still, feelings of self-importance forces them to pull out their camera phone to capture the moment.

Maybe the animal rights advocates are to be joined in their battle against this event.  Though its the male Homo sapiens usually on the abused end, the beautifully gallant bulls should not be forced to lower their pedigree for a day by chasing fools through what always looks like dead end streets. Why not just feed the fools to the lions?  Now that's something I'll travel abroad and pay to see.

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