Sunday, July 06, 2014

Between The Bars

Who knew that a sappy family movie could lay down some nice strings and vocals.  The movie, "Stuck In Love."  The song, "Between The Bars" by Elliott Smith.  It seems to be a song about alcoholism and its addictive control over an individual, beckoning him/her to:

In other words, come have another drink and I'll make you forget all your worries. The movie starring Greg Kinnear actually wasn't half bad, but if you ask me its this song that stole the show. And though alcoholism was not the main focus of the movie, it does make its ugly presence known by co-starring in a small role.

Guess I'm in one of those sappy moods waiting for football season to start.  That's real, good'ol rough and tough American football folks, not the one where a kick in the shins and elbow to the midsection is considered unsportsmanlike. Let's face it, World Cup futbol needs pads and pain tolerance. If you ain't cheating then you ain't trying.  Cause come this season the Raiders will be the ones with the nasty, bullying defense and explosive offense. And they're gonna kick, club and clobber their way toward NFL respectability. Can't Wait!

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