Monday, June 16, 2014

United States World Cup Soccer

As I try getting excited about World Cup Futbol I had to ask myself, who the heck should I follow?  It took me five seconds to answer that question as I caught myself getting all nostalgic about the land of the free, home of the brave U.S. team.

Today I caught the last fifteen minutes of the Ghana vs U.S. game on the radio on my drive home.  Granted, the announcer was hyped enough to make any non-soccer fan pay attention, but I did more than just listen; I reacted with every kick & call on the field. Defense, offense, penalties, scoring, the game had it all in those fifteen minutes.  I was banging the car steering wheel, yelling with joy for the U.S. team one moment and cursing them the next. I probably should've pulled the car over, but I was in a frenzied fan zone.  I caught myself taken over by a world cup soccer match, completely. It Was Orgasmic!

So now I know what all the foreign fuss about this international fotbol event means; its a chance to get downright fanatical and freaky about your team and country.  The game itself is a sprint that leaves both players and fans breathless.  All the talk of Soccer needing more scoring to make it more exciting is hogwash.  Part of the beauty of the sport is the rarity of accomplishing a score. For one measly goal, many a men have put blood, sweat and tears into the game.  I must say its appears to be the truest professional sport that reflects grown men becoming as children when playing. 

As for the United States underdogs, a team who's coach didn't feel they had what it takes to win the cup, they showed stamina and resilience in beating Ghana with some amazing play.  Coach might of just placed a chip on their shoulders that the team is enjoying chipping away at.


Final Score
Ghana 1
United States 2

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