Sunday, June 08, 2014

Never Doubt The Boxing Pride of Puerto Rico

Miguel Cotto made Puerto Rican boxing fans proud last night by snatching the WBC Middleweight championship belt out of the defeated gloves of the favored champion Sergio Martinez.  Martinez, "The Spaniard" as I like to call him, was put down by Cotto three times in the first round, then one more time with a left hook for good measure in the ninth.  The Spaniard did not return for the tenth.

Congratulations Miguel Cotto on your fourth weight class world title, a first in Puerto Rico's great boxing legacy.

With the fight taking place in New York's madison square garden, we all know who'll preside over today's Puerto Rican Day Parade festivities as king;  move over Carlito, New York is doing things Cotto's Way today.

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