Thursday, June 12, 2014

Miami Heat Wilt Under Spurs Pressure, AGAIN

The overused sports saying "Are You Kidding Me" was just sanctioned as the motto for this season's NBA Finals.  The San Antonio Spurs are blowing out the two-time defending champion Miami Heat in the Sunshine State for the second Finals game straight (game 4). And for the second time straight 22 year old Kawhi Leonard is out hustling everyone on the court, including the king of the hard court Lebron James.

Watching Leonard stop, pop and drop a three pointer in the face of the Great One is simply astonishing. For anyone watching, with mouth wide open in shock, your not only witnessing history in player performance, your seeing one of the greatest coaching clinics ever in a championship series.

Coach Gregg Popovich has placed his chess pieces so strategically and effectively on the court that any counter move by the opponent is powerless.  Damn, Leonard just took over Heat guard Dwayne Wade's dribble like a magician.  Are You Kidding Me?

The Miami Heat look beaten spiritually.  I don't see them bouncing back from this game.  They're down by 22 with 4:37 left in the game.  And the Spurs are still playing like thy're down 10.

Anybody watch any of the World Cup competion today?  

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