Friday, February 21, 2014

Ray Rice? Come'On Man - Say It Ain't So

 Maurice Manley, Arena football player 
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Granted, all the evidence is not being shared with the public as of yet, but the video clip of Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of a casino elevator in Atlantic City looks bad.  Any viewer watching the clip can draw his/her own conclusions as to what transpired between the two inside the elevator, but the body language of both parties leads all speculations on a crash course with tragic implications.

Police claim they have additional video that proves the parties attacked each other, but so far the only video available to the public is the disturbing elevator exiting clip.   Both parties were arrested. The two have been together since 2008 and have a two year-old daughter.

News outlets have jumped all over the story and it seems they're licking their chops anticipating a juicy story.  Everyone is saying how good a person Ray Rice has been throughout his NFL career, which makes the disturbing elevator footage even more unbelievable.  

My first thought after seeing it was that the fiancee had too much to drink and had passed out cold.  On the clip, Ray looks like a man embarrassed, frustrated and trying desperately to normalize the situation.  But a limp body being unsuccessfully forced to stand up after being dragged out of a casino elevator is anything but normal.

Whatever did happen to bring on his fiancee's passing out caused Ray to lose his head.  The elevator footage, unfortunately for Ray, looks more like a cover up than a cry for help and assistance.  The fact that a man would drag a woman's unconscious body out of an elevator without calling for help raises doubt about his concern for the woman's well being. It makes Ray appear to be worried about Ray and the damage it'll cause his career. Or is it possible Ray was in shock?

We who are not in the public limelight cannot imagine the pressures that come with celebrity type status. Time and time again we see celebrities doing and saying the damnedest things when caught behaving badly. As for the limp body in the black dress, Janay Palmer, she might just sue Ray for pulling her body out of the semi-privacy of the elevator and making her an unwilling viral video sensation.  

Don't get me wrong, I take domestic violence seriously and agree that there's no reason at all for a man to be hitting a woman, ever. And I feel just as strongly against women who instigate or initiate a boxing match with a man; these women are doing a disservice to their sisters fearfully suffering domestic violence in silence; it reinforces the myth that she asked for it.  If police evidence shows that this woman was going toe to toe with Ray, she might not have won the physical battle but you can believe she'll score a TKO in any financial battle. Video footage is usually indisputable.

A word from the wise for men; when argument ensues with a female, just walk away. And take the stairs!

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