Sunday, August 25, 2013

Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor Got Game

The Oakland Raiders might not have named their starting quarterback yet, but there's a strong wind a blowing with the name of Terrelle Pryor being whipped around.  In Friday night's game against the Chicago Bears Pryor showed all the reasons why he should be starting quarterback.  Granted, if the offensive line were stronger maybe other Raiders quarterbacks would step up and deliver, but such is not the case.

The Raiders offensive line struggled and faultered not only to protect the quarterback, but to open holes for runningbacks.  Finally, when Pryor took over he gave the Bears fits with his running ability and seemed to lift the entire team up off the canvas.  Yes, they were being knocked down repeatedly by the Bears in all phases of the game.

I and many of the Raiders fans say start Pryor, what have we to lose this season? We're a team picked to finish last not in the division, but in the league.  Pryor brings excitement, determination and a committment to just win baby!  Is it really so important as to how he gets it done so long as the team competes and doesn't lay down?

I vote Terrelle Pryor as  starting quarterback of these Oakland Raiders.  To me it seems he's earned the start while the other prospects have shown they cannot handle an offensive line leaking defensive pressure. Pryor has seen nothing but pressure since the supplemental draft that brought him to Oaktown, but that's a another story for another season. Today, We Got Pryor! 

note: Please Raiders, just put in #85 Sam McGuffie and let the little whirlwind do his thing.  Returning punts, kickoffs, wide receiver, split back.  Or just partner him up with Pryor and watch the QB/WR tandem florish.  He's West Coast Welker I tell you.  You won't know what you've got until you take him out for a spin.

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