Monday, August 26, 2013

Raiders Conference Call - Sweet!

The Oakland Raiders exclusive conference call-in today was a good thing.  As a season ticket holder I had access, but was only able to catch pieces throughout the hour long event.  

The parts I caught were nothing special, basically Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen enlighteninng fans to how they're putting together a team of great football players who'll compete for championships. The fans asked smart questions and the GM and Coach did a great job explaining their vision for Raiders Football without too much avoidance of the issue at hand; this season.  

It had a family feel to it, with fans being so patient and respectful in their questioning that one might have thought it was staged.  It was a far cry from the accusations and criticisms I thought would surface in the call.

I was proud of the respect and integrity the fans showed in their questioning.  The Raider fans just wanna see change they can believe in, and I think the conference call established a good foundation for the team leadership and those supporting it to acknowledge each other. The Raiders organization didn't have to do it. I don't think any professional organization has ever offered a conference call-in to their fans. We raiders fans recived a duly earned privilege today, and we are grateful.

What the call-in shows is that owner Mark Davis and the rest of the organization truly believe in the changes being made and want committed Raiders fans on board and informed.  Hats off to J.T. The Brick for hosting a kick a$$ hour of a Reggie and the coach meet, greet and answer session.  

What the call-in also shows is just how far Mark Davis has steered away from the road Big Al had paved.  Mark wants to win just as badly, but he's doing it by trusting those he's chosen as leaders and making sure the fans aren't left in the dark.  Right On Raiders, Right On! 

correction:  my bad, looks like the conference call-in idea wasn't a Raiders original.  Seems the Sandog Chargers General Manager had a 45-minute conference call with their fans a few months back. Oh well, no harm no foul. 

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