Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oakland A's Pounce on AL Champ Tigers

The Oakland A's are showing that they can hang with the elite AL teams.  Today they blasted the 2013 AL champion Tigers 14-4 in Detroit.  With my NL Giants just trying to end the season on a not so low note, the Oakland A's are enjoying the title of bay area baseball darlings and this year they own that title outright.

As much as I wanna see the Oakland Coliseum dressed in full football attire for Sunday Raiders football, I'll tolerate the infield dirt if it means the A's are still fighting for the fall classic championship. Its a remember the 70's moment in Oaktown, and A's colors are flying everywhere.

I plan to watch and support the Oakland A's all the way down the yellow and green brick road that leads to their World Series appearance.  On their best day, no team in either league is better.  Let the A's find their late season rhythm and the bay area just might be celebrating back-to-back baseball championships.

Let's go A's.

Trivia: Who can claim the title of only designated runner in major league history?

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