Monday, June 10, 2013

Quickest Feet In The AFC West - "TAY"

Quick Feet Like Eric Dickerson, Latavius Murray will be a force for the Oakland Raiders offense.

Check out the stutter steps and cuts.  I tell you if if this rook can learn a li'l some'in from D-Mac, he could be a true contender.  At 6 ft 3 in and 222 lbs, same as Dickerson , Tay has my vote for workhorse running back come this NFL season.

Don't get me wrong, Dickerson was one of the prettiest running backs ever, with that upright jaunting style. Tay is not that, but there's something about this young man besides the will to get every yard out of a play that I personally like.  The other rook on my likes list is QB Tyler Wilson out of Arkansas.  This razorback's got the goods. Remember now, McFadden is a former razorback.

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