Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Can't Thank You Enough Human Torch!

While watching the ho-hum NBA Finals, I couldn't help but think back to the Golden State Warriors fantastic season and playoff run.  The Warriors are a few pieces away from challenging for a league championship. Actually, barring injuries, they just might've been representin the west in place of San Antonio. Oh well, no excuses please and no cryin in basketball. 

I'm proud of at least one accomplishment during the season.  Back in February I asked my 10 year-old nephew in New York what NBA jersey he wanted for his birthday.  Of course he's already got the big names, Lebron, Kobe and Melo. So when he asked for another Lebron I suggested going with something different in Stephen Curry.  Amazing, he didn't know who the Human Torch was.  Being a good nephew and not wanting to hurt his uncles sports feelings any further, he agreed to the #30 Curry in white.

The jersey arrived just before the Warriors played the Knicks in Madison Square Garden, where my nephew has attended a handful of games this season.  I'm not sure if the li'l guy was at that Warriors vs Knicks showdown where Steph "Torched" the knicks for 54pts, but since then his mom has called three times to thank me for giving her little guy another role model.  It happens that he plays point guard on a pee-wee league and leads his team in scoring and assists.  Curry is the first basketball superstar that he relates to in position, size and style of play. 

My nephew was able to get a look-see of Steph in games against east coast teams at the end of the regular season when The Torch started gettin noticed nationally.  Then came the playoffs and I'm told the white #30 Curry jersey, not so popular in nephew's neck of the woods, became a magnet for sports enthuisiasts there.  You know us fans, we see a jersey we're familiar with and gravitate toward the proud wearer of it to comment, good or bad.  Li'l nephew became a sort of human torch himself, lighting the way for others in his town to learn about and become Golden State Warriors fans.  Thank you Steph Curry for helping establish a lasting relationship with one of my young nephews and giving him the opportunity to school others on what makes an NBA superstar.  "Flame On"

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