Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lebron & Heat "Fix Bayonets"

18th and 19th century military tactics included the introduction of tactical doctrines using a bayonet fixed on the infantryman's musket, used with massed troop formations.[2] One of the more notable of these was the bayonet charge, an attack by a formation of infantrymen with fixed bayonets, usually over short distances, to overrun enemy strong points, capture artillery batteries, or break up enemy troop formations.

"Fix Bayonets!"  was once a command of last resort during the heat of battle.  It was given by  brave men commanding soldiers who found themselves out-gunned, out-manuevered and left with no choice but to charge into gun battle with a knife.

Lebron James and the Miami heat found themselves in such a position last night in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the series leading San Antonio Spurs.  Lose this game and there's no tomorrow for the Heat. Lose and talks of cowardice in the face of battle might be the charge facing every Heat superstar. Lose this game and you give up your title as champion and your crown as king.

The fourth quarter found them not only losing, but on the brink of submission.  The playoff know-how Spurs were a basket, a rebound, a steal away from finishing off a final opponent to claim the ultimate victory.  Then in the huddle of a Miami Heat timeout the commander gave the order and those two words that have been the reluctant battle cry of many a brave and desperate men went man to man;
 "Fix Bayonets!"

King James and his fellow infantrymen responded, 

And the rest is Classic Sports History......................

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