Thursday, March 14, 2013

Broncos Sign Mighty Mouse

That's right Raider Nation.  Get ready for that little monster that makes even the good NFL defenses look dazed and confused.  Wide Receiver Wes Welker has bolted from the New England Patriots and signed on for a two year tour with the Denver Broncos. 

Normally, I wouldn't blink an eye at this type of off season move, but now that the Broncos have proven their 2012 signing of Quarterback Peyton "Clark Kent" Manning was a gift from the football heavens, I shudder to think what it means to give superman a sidekick the likes of Welker.

As much as I dislike the New England Patriots, I've always given Welker due credit for his toughness and durability.  He's saved both bilichek and bradys' hides many of times dating back to 2007 when he joined the pats.  Now he's joining another football team we Raiders Fans dispise; a team that won our division last season and is giving football analysts reason to believe they have a shot at the whole damn caboodle come this season.  And that was before Mighty Mouse signed on.

Yeah, Raider Nation, things aren't always as bad as they seem. Life as a silver and black fan has to start showing some sparkle and promise down the road somewhere.  With the release of Michael Huff and Darius Heyward-Bey this week, maybe we'll see some super heroes sign on and give us that golden edge.  Maybe we'll acquire a few faces that'll make general manager Reggie McKenzie look like a wizard. 

Time is our friend, and time will tell us the truth come September 2013.  But do keep this in mind, Manning and Welker are spending Time together, exchanging super power pills and game-planning for this coming season's opponents. With two games scheduled against the Oakland Raiders, you can bet that some silver and black will drip into their conversation.  We'd better be ready, because they'll be. They're not your Tim Tebowing broncos no more.

The anticipation to battle the Broncos just went up a notch.  Bring'em!

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