Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poetry In Motion

He Jumps, He Catches and He Runs like few others playing the game today. His name you've heard before, but the phenomenal plays he continues to make reminds us fans of just how "Sick" this receiver's skills are.

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald made a jump, catch and running score today that showcased exactly what seperates the good players from the great ones.

I truly believe he brings out the beautiful art of catching a pass like few others. Today we saw the grace of Jerry Rice and Lance Alworth in the person of Fitzgerald. His numbers (7 rec, 149 yds, 1 td) minus one touchdown matched those he had in a week 10 win over the Philadelphia Eagles where he was voted Offensive Player of the Week.

Today however the play that'll probably go down in Cardinals lore as "The Catch" was something magical. Fitzgerald gliding down the middle of the field is thrown the ball. Two 49er defenders are closing in on him. Fitz out jumps one defender, snatches the football out of the air, begins an 180 degree turn in the air, lands and continues running for a touchdown without breaking much stride.

I really can't remember what happened to the second defender. Maybe like the rest of us, he fell over his dropped jaw in awe of another Larry Fitzgerald gem of a play. Upon further review, the video clip really doesn't do the play much justice. Fitz made the play look so......."effortless."

What else could I tune into to take my mind off the stomping of the Raiders in Green Bay? Yes, it got even "Uglier" than last week.

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