Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dog Shoots Man With 12-Gauge; Honest!

Oh well, it was a close call but the Dog won out over the Devil for today's post. The devil story is an old familiar one where banning of interracial activities is at play in a Kentucky church.

"It sure ain't Christian," Dean Harville said. "It ain't nothing but the old devil working."

As for the Dog story, let's just say that rover did more than roll over when his owner's 12-gauge shotgun was left within paws reach,locked, loaded and .............unmanned.

For all the things hunters ask of and reward their dogs for, has it ever occurred to elmer fudd that just once the Dog would like to stand in his master's boots, pull the trigger and give the order to go fetch a clean kill?

Problem with this story is that the dog now standing in master's shoes has been trained by former vice-president Dick Cheney's School of Hunting, and we know what the second-in-command's idea of safety first and a clean kill were.

Shoot anything foreign that moves within your perimeter, collateral damage is unavoidable.

The moral to this story is never turn your back on a hunting dog with aspirations of being a master, he'll treat you like a dog and shoot you down at the first given opportunity.

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