Friday, December 02, 2011

95.7FM THE GAME discusses McLAIN

This newest SF Bay area sports radio show is getting my attention. Hosts Brandon Tierney and Eric "niner" Davis are a welcome dose of FM sports talk to the bay. Their fresh, upbeat and no-nonsense show, "The Drive," airs mon-fri, 2pm-6pm on 95.7FM The Game. They're unafraid to speak their minds and share their opinions; I like that.

You know how we sports fans can get tired of hearing that same vanilla radio flavor with maybe a few sprinkles on top. Sometimes you want a sundae swirl or something with caramel and nuts on it, "In Stereo."

That's where 95.7FM "The Drive" comes in. The two hosts play off each other with great timing and respect. It would be an insult to compare them to Siskel & Ebert or Kornheiser & Wilbon. You can side with either when it comes to their differing views on issues.

The part that puts this station a tad above the rest, besides the FM Bass Stereo, is their Raiders Friday hour(s), dedicated to the Silver & Black, with "UNBIASED" analysis of the Oakland Raiders.

Both Brandon and Eric come off as pro-Raider on the show, something almost unheard of in bay area sports talk. After talking about the Raiders they switch over to the Niners and report with the same passion and honesty bestowed on the Silver and Black. That's exactly what the Bay Area needs, honest and informative sports reportage without the station affiliations (flagship) and personal loyalties getting in the way. Just Report Baby!

I say check out 95.7FM The Drive and see for yourself. Keepin it Current for the Bay!

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