Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Women Making Sports History

This past Sunday the professional golf world saw the emergence of a player that'll take Tiger off the tongue of tournament watchers for a spell.

Alexis "Lexi" Thompson, a 16-year old phenom who's talents have been described as "an anomaly," won the Navistar L.P.G.A. classic tour event to become the youngest Ladies Professional Golf Association tournament winner............ever!

The high school sophomore not only won by 5 strokes, a tournament record, but did it with her Dad caddying for her. Any teenager in sports, or any challenging event, will tell you the potential pressure a competitive Dad can put on you.

Imagine if you'd brought your Dad along in the backseat when taking your driver's license road test, brutal. And here this teenager brings her Dad along not to cheer, but assist in her quest for a professional golf title? Priceless!

This gifted young lady has more than just talent going for her. Lexi's accomplishment shows her personal maturity, discipline, love and respect for the game and those who've supported her along the way. Her dad Scott was wearing sunglasses to hide the tears of joy as he hugged his little lady champion in celebration.

As a parent remembering teary-eyed moments while witnessing achievements of my own children, I can only imagine the flooding feeling of emotions Scott Thompson felt as he watched his little princess succeed in fulfilling her dream on such a huge stage. I'm sure the moment goes on Scott's top 5 greatest days of my life list, because the success of a child is the hope, wish and ultimate success of a parent. Success in sports and overall life.

Great job Dad!
Congratulations Lexi!
A Thompson Triumph!

“It’s an unbelievable feeling to know that people are cheering for your kid like that,”

“Just finishing with my dad on the bag, it was the best experience,”

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