Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Sox Horrific & Historic Collapse

A story more horrific than when you first heard the tale of Mighty Casey and the Mudville Nine, a Major League baseball team choked on the last day of the regular season and will not be participating in the Fall Classic playoffs.

The Boston Red Sox, favored by many this season as a contender for a world series championship, lost tonight's game after leading 3-2 in their top of the ninth. The Baltimore Orioles may not have earned a postseason seed with the win, but they're the spoiler darlings of the year for many a Red Sox hater as well as the team that takes their place in the AL wild card spot, the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Sux, oops, excuse me. The Sox became the first team to miss the postseason after leading by as many as nine games for a playoff spot entering September, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

When the Baltimore rains came with the O's trailing 3-2 in the middle of the seventh, a 1 hour 26 minute game delay must've seemed like a gift from the Gods for the O's. But Sox fans might call it a curse from hell as their wild card competitor, the (d-e-v-i-l) Rays, came from 7 runs back to tie the Yankees in a game with postseason implications, with the Sux, excuse me again darnit, with the Sox watching it on tv waiting out the wet delay.

It would all come crumbling down for Boston in the ninth inning as their ace closer, Jonathan Papelbon, gave up two doubles and a single to give the Baltimore Spoilers the walk-off win. The devil Rays would win and seal the Sux fate just three minutes later in Florida with a walk-off home run in the 12th inning.

Final Score
Boston 3
Baltimore 4

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