Friday, September 02, 2011

Pot Party & Prison Purchase In The News

Just a normal day reading through my daily newspaper. I share three news items that caught my attention. Maybe they'll catch yours:

It just so happens that this weekend a Medicinal Marijuana 3-day Festival is being held in downtown Oakland (Oaksterdam.) The festival has the city of Oakland's licensing and consent. Oaksterdam was a pioneering force in lobbying for legalized medicinal marijuana.

This Holiday weekend Californians will honor the "Sticky Icky"with a festival that will make former hippies teary-eyed with nostalgia. Warning to you tye-dyed hipsters looking for a blast from the past moment. The Weed of 2011 is Not, I repeat Not your 60's Acapulco Gold or Panama Red.

Its stronger, faster acting and longer lasting, and will put your wheezing baby-boomer ass in the hospital faster than you can say Jerry Garcia. You Feel Me?

Don't be greedy!

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