Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cause Of Stench In New Jersey Uncovered

If you've never been on the New Jersey Turnpike, then you've been spared the smell that one never forgets; My first whiff was at age ten when in the backseat of the family automobile heading for a trip to Virginia, my father's home state. That first detection makes you first look at others in the vehicle, then check yourself before realizing that the rotten egg stench slapping everyone around in the car is just the "Welcome to New Jersey" aroma that introduces itself to you on the turnpike. And the nerve of them naming this garbage smelling colony "The Garden State."

Though blame for the stench has been attributed to years of industrial pollution and organized crime's dumping of corpses (see Sopranos), today's news uncovered just what may have been causing the stench all along.

Corrupt Politicians and Jewish Rabbis were round up and arrested today by the FBI in what may turn out to be the scam of the century. The players:

State Legislators
City Mayors
Jewish Charities
Jewish Rabbis
Governor's Cabinet Member

In all more than 40 people were arrested. The thought of FBI agents raiding Jewish Synagogues is unheard of. The state of Israel is even suspected of involvement. What would YAWEH think?

And the man who blew the whistle on it all? An FBI Informant and former real estate developer charged with bank fraud three years ago.

Some of The Charges:
International Money Laundering
Conspiracy to sell human organs (Kidneys)
Sale of Counterfeit Goods
Bankruptcy Fraud

Authorities say the number of arrests are remarkable even for New Jersey standards, where more than 130 public officials have pleaded guilty or have been convicted of corruption since 2001.

So next time you get a heavy dose of rotten egg and garbage up your nostrils, check to see if you've just crossed into the twilight zone that is New Jersey.

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