Thursday, March 12, 2009

syraCuse vs Uconn going into 4th Overtime

As I write this the Syracuse Orangemen and the Conneticut Huskies are entering the 4th overtime of their Big East tournament game. It's been a very exciting and competitive game between two evenly matched teams. They appear to play similar styles of basketball.

As I peer over my shoulder at the game #34 hasheem Thabet just foulded out for Uconn. The kids are tired and playing on guts and emotion. I'm rooting for the Orangemen, but this is simply one of those games you hate to see someone lose. A tie, though not allowed in tournament play, would be acceptable on a night of play such as this.

A great game with a few underlying stories to boot. One of the players for Syracuse is the son of someon known. He's a three point juggernaut.

Well, back to the game. 1:33 left in the fourth overtime with the game tied at 104.

(20) Syracuse 104,

(4) Connecticut 104

Oh My!

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