Thursday, June 05, 2008


Just to set the record straight, I dislike all Boston/New England teams as well as those from Southern California. I could care less whether the Celtics or Lakers add another championship to their trophy case. After all it's just the nba, a league dominated by a few all-star individuals, not the NFL where a team of blue-collar players like the New York Giants can win it all.

It being the NBA though I must say that I've been mesmerized by the play of some individuals over the years. Yes, Jordan was the best. Magic, Bird and many before them were Greats. Today's finals bring us yet more individual greats. Of the greats in these finals, I'd like to see Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce finally earn their due. Kobe already has his, I believe K.G. and Pierce are hungrier and will come away with this year's championship.

Game 1 was a good watch. We'll see how it plays out.

Final Score Game 1
Celtics 98
Lakers 88

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