Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Warriors Slay Boston's Green Monster

It was almost as thrilling as watching the New York Giants slay the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

The Golden State Warriors took down the "Alleged" best team in the NBA tonight. With seconds left in a tie game Baron Davis hit a game winning fade away jump shot to give the Warriors an exciting 119-117 Victory over the 41 win Boston Celtics.

The Warriors bench and defense came through and played the type of game they had to play in order to beat this deep Boston team. Throughout the game most Warriors fans probably felt elated just to be hanging with the Boston Celtics. Not having Steven Jackson made for even a more improbable night to pull off a win. Yet the Warriors played four quarters of basketball and shined down the stretch to pull off the upset.

The Celtics were the first team I've seen use a defensive attack strategy on Monta Ellis. It almost worked. But Don Nelson adjusted by using a quicker offensive attack and catching the Celtics off guard.

The Warriors played a great team game with all contributing to this win. Pietrus, Biedrins and Harrington all stepped up big and Webber contributed a bit early.

But it was that final shot of Baron Davis that thrust the triumphant dagger to puncture the heart of the Green Monster of Boston. After swishing the shot, Baron elatedly skipped back down the court with .03 seconds left on the clock. He had this school boy type joy in his skip and the Oakland Arena fans wildly ate it up. Even the Boston players had to give it to Baron afterward. There's no doubt in Warrior-land that Baron plays all-star basketball for Golden State..

On an evening where a lunar eclipse shadowed over the Bay Area, the Golden State Warriors lit up the evening with an all-STAR team performance.

Final Score
Warriors 119
Celtics 117

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