Sunday, October 21, 2007

Raiders Offense M .I. A.

Ten Points! Ten Points of total offense. We lose the game against Kansas City 12-10. Scary how much we resembled last season's Raiders who went 4-12. Scary how the offense looked so lost and unable to produce positive yardage. And the Defense, with more of a pass rush this game thanks to Derrick Burgess having a good game, just couldn't make the plays when they had to. They did give the offense a last ditch opportunity to win the game. But Culpepper and the passing game aren't there yet, the final interception to snuff the Raiders last drive with less than a minute to go was inevitable. A beautiful Autumn football weather day in the Bay ended in defeat. Fans are probably just hoping to see Jarmarcus Russell play by season's end.

I was able to get a sweet Raiders T-shirt to add to the collection. #2 on the back with a picture of Jarmarcus on the front underneath the name RUSSELL. The Future is Ours. One guy today compared Russell's QB skills to John Elway. Not a bad future.


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