Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Article That Got Away

Been to your nearest Costco Discount store lately? Well, if you haven’t maybe its time you should. Why? Because there may be a new section of interest just waiting for your discount dollars. You’ll find it right near the automotive tire section. Right next togood ole BF Goodrich and the Michelin Man, that bubbly bundle of joy. But don’t expect to find anything you can put to use while still alive, oh no. This section only services the dead, or soon to be dead.


For as low as $799, and yes, they have a payment plan if you’re a little short or the credit card is maxed out.

So you think you got room in your garage for storing the best deal you’ll find while alive? The beauty of having your own casket is you can lie down and try it on for size beforehand, you can match it with your wardrobe, saves your family the added stress of haggling over cost to bury you, you can always lease it out as a loaner to low income friends or family for funeral viewing purposes only; get my drift $$$$$?

Again, the only problem I see is having the space to store your stainless steel “body box.” Also, I’m sure Costco has an upgrade plan should newer models become available or you come into some unexpected cash. Either way it’s a win win situation. You get to die in peace knowing that you’ll be buried in as classy a casket as the poor sucker whose funeral you attended just months ago, but at half the cost.

So what are you waiting for? Get off your overstuffed keister and wobble down to Costco before it’s too late and the undertaker is “stiffing” your bereaved family with a overpriced “body box” you could have gotten at Costco for less. Why pay more?

Costco Selling Caskets

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