Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yes, its one of the best song parodies I've ever heard. But while most hear it and can laugh with nostalgia, I, a Raiders fan, painfully remember how it all started. "The Snow Bowl."

Bottom line, we made Brady. We had him in the pocket, in the snow, in the playoffs when C.Wood caused what was and always will be A Fumble. And in the infamous words of Dennis Green "And we let him off the hook." Actually, it was the league officials who decided to make Tom Brady a legend that night.

After the record performance by Patriots QB Tom Brady in week 6, I'm finally letting go of a bit of that labor pain that we birthed six years ago in the 2001 divisional playoffs. In recognition of the love and respect Brady has earned throughout the sports world, I give you this tribute to him. As others are saying, he just may be the Montana of this era.

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