Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Go Raiders! " - Last Words of A Condemned Man

Though I do not condone the violent acts of a convicted killer, I empathize with the passion he carries for the Raiders as he speaks his final words before receiving three life ending injections.

"Go Raiders!"

I know the Raiders badboy image has appealed to many a violent offender, but I choose to believe that many outsiders and outcasts of society are attracted to the Raiders simply because the organization and its fans represent diversity, equality and acceptance regardless of background. Being part of the Raiders family expunges you of all your sins. At least that's the feeling amongst Raiders fans who share in proudly spouting the term "Go Raiders."

Heck, if the catholic church can instruct wrong doers after confessing their sins to say a few Hail Mary's then "Go forth and sin no more", then why not AL Davis? may peace and blessings be upon him.

It doesn't make your sins right or acceptable, but as a worshiper of the Oakland Raiders you are bathed in brotherhood and forgiven your trespassess, just as you should forgive those who trespass against you. And sin no more.

For us Raider Fans who may have walked on the wild side for a time, we are the last to judge sinners and the first to forgive.

The beauty of being a Raiders fan and spending a Sunday congregating with the Raider Nation is that what you did yesterday and what you'll do tomorrow don't count for or against you come gameday. What counts on Football Sunday is the Raider Passion you bring and the Raider Brotherhood you share amongst all others. Sure we may be a bit hostile toward those who come to our house wearing the devil's raimants (opponents jerseys/colors), but more times than not we accept them as misguided souls and ask the lord to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

And so with the execution of convicted killer
Robert C. Comer in Arizona, who when warden Carson McWilliams asked if he had any last words said, "Yes, Go Raiders," we the Raider Nation understand that there is yet hope for this misguided soul. Maybe not in this life but possibly in the hereafter is where he'll be forgiven for his sins and find peace. And hopefully the family of his victims will not judge his "Go Raiders" salute as unrepentent or cold, for it (Raider Fan Solidarity) might have been the only expression of love and acceptance this broken man has ever experienced in his heart.

Prayers go out to the victim Larry Pritchard and others that have suffered from the violent acts of Robert C. Comer.

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