Thursday, February 01, 2007

The May-or's Club

Imagine if you will:

You've won Mayorial office of a major U.S. city. You're young with a a beautiful brunette wife who's an aspiring journalist. You make a lovely Mayorial couple with comparisons to a young John and Jackie Kennedy. No kids yet. You hire your boy onto your staff as deputy chief, a cushy position. You assign his lovely blonde wife as your appointments secretary. All is well in your Pacific Coast Camelot. That is until your dark haired princess begins itching for and pursuing a big career in New York City television journalism.

You consider the impact a divorce will have on your political career. When your wife finally decides to fly the coup you feel naked and abandoned. Alone in your Castle you're powerless to get her back. To comfort the blow to your ego you confide in your beautiful blonde secretary, your married beautiful blonde secretary. The same secretary who just so happens to be married to your boy the deputy chief of staff.

Funny thing about men of power who confide in such beautiful creatures. Shit Happens!

Now our story continues a year and a half later.

Your divorce has been finalized and your ex-princess has a successful career in the Big Apple. You see her often on her nationally syndicated television show and wonder what could have been. Meanwhile, you're ready to campaign for re-election and who better to run your re-election campaign than your boy with the once beautiful blonde wife. You promote him to campaign manager and things seem fine as you've adjusted well to bachelorhood once again.

Remember, when shit happens it usually has to hit a wall or fan somewhere. Well, that wall turned out to be the Maya's once beautiful appointments secretary who has since undergone rehabilitative treatment for an unspecified substance abuse. Part of the rehabilitation program guidelines requires confronting your demons in their closet. Unfortunately for our blonde, her demons of adultery with the Maya, stood up in the closet, dusted itself off and made a beeline for the nearest newspaper office in the city.

By the time the Maya's affair with his newly appointed campaign manager's wife was splattered over the frontpage of local newspapers, his campaign manager had resigned, his secretary had relapsed and Camelot was surrounded by protestors seeking to oust his excellency from the throne. And his ex-princess may have to cover the story for her east coast news syndicate. Who says Blondes have more fun?

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