Monday, February 05, 2007

Dungy, Manning, Colts Win Super Bowl XLI

It wasn't pretty, but the Indianapolis Colts did just enough against the Chicago Bears and the elements to win Super Bowl XLI.

It started with a bang when Chicago's Johnny Hester returned the openning kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown, a first in Super Bowl history. When Peyton Manning followed up Hester's play with an interception, the momentum was all Chicago's. But then it seemed the watery elements of South Florida took over the game. By the end of the first quarter there'd been six turnovers, three by each team.

Somehow the Colts overcame their mistakes and the Bears continued to make more. I read somewhere today that God must hate the Bears. Running back Benson hurt in the first quarter, quarterback mishandling the snap two plays in a row, Colts 53-yard interception returner for TD a hair's width from being ruled out-of-bounds which wouldn've nullified the Colts touchdown and given them the ball on their own 47 yard line, Rex Grossman.

You can read about it anywhere on the internet today, the Super Bowl that really wasn't. I myself have a hard time defining just how I feel about the game. It wasn't a bad game to watch, but I kept feeling like something big was about to happen and it just never did. Maybe the hype got the better of me. Chicago Defense against Colts Offense. Maybe I just wanted to hear another coach lose his cool in a postgame interview after letting the Bears off the hook.

Whatever it is about this Super Bowl that left a queasy feeling in my stomach, I'm not disappointed in its outcome. I'm happy to see Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning finally get there's.

As for Tony Dungy being the first African American to win the Super Bowl, he said it all while on the winner's podium last night:

I tell you what. I'm proud to be representing African-American coaches, to be the first African-American to win this. It means an awful lot to our country. [SNIP!] But again, more than anything, I've said it before, Lovie Smith and I, not only the first two African-Americans, but Christian coaches, showing that you can win doing it the Lord's way. We're more proud of that.

So Congratulations Indianapolis Colts, you are the NFL's Super Bowl Champions of 2006! And you did it the Lord's Way.

final score

Colts 29
Bears 17

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