Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Welcome Back to Silver&Black Doug Gabriel

Whatever the reason the New England Patriots cut former Raiders WR Doug Gabriel, we in Oaktown ain't complaining. Actually, we're slapping our thighs and stomping our feet celebrating his return to the Raiders. And we get to keep the fifth round draft pick acquired from the cheating bums of tuck-rule lore in the process. In a season that's given Raider Nation little to cheer about, this is a high-five moment.

I've always seen Doug Gabriel as a talent just waiting for his chance to shine. Now with Moss injured and Porter still "Shell-Shocked", a youthful receiving corps of Ronald Curry and Doug Gabriel will get their chance at glory this weekend. Curry showed some of his spark last week as the leading receiver in a losing effort against the Bengals. Hopefully newly promoted offensive coordinator John Shoop can find the best way to utilize Gabriel's skills.

Again, welcome back home Doug. Welcome back to a team and coach who'll give you a chance to show what you're made of, both the good and the bad. There's always room for second chances in the Raider Nation. Screw New England.

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