Monday, December 04, 2006

Buckle Up NFL teams - Speed Kills

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap small buildings in a single bound. Look, up in the endzone, its Reggie Bush. Again!

Yes folks, he's arrived. RB Reggie Bush showcased his many talents against the SF 49ers yesterday in a New Orleans Saints 34-10 romp. If you weren't around to see the likes of Gayle Sayers, O.J. Simpson, Walter Payton or Barry Sanders, its okay. There's a new superhero of football and he's just down right nasty. He's already stamped his signature on cutback running and leaving tacklers grasping at air. Try catching highlights of his punishment of the 49ers on on-demand NFL. Reggie said he personally took his agression out on the 49ers when angered over his former USC teams' loss to UCLA the day before. The 49ers claim their loss was due more to missed tackles than the heroics of Reggie Bush. I guess if I were faked out of my jock strap or bulldozed over for a touchdown I'd blame bad technique too. But when its Reggie Bush doing it to you it somehow seems silly to blame it on technique doesn't it? I mean, we all saw the 4 touchdown highlights on espn. Just what technique were the 49ers implying? the I got'em, I got'em, I got'em, I ain't got'em technique is what it looked like to me.

Please, when you get a chance catch Reggie Bush's 74 yard catch/run. Oh yeah, he can catch alright. And man is he fast. Former saints LB Pat Swilling, who played two seasons with Barry Sanders, says he's as good as Barry and probably a step faster.

Again, combine the cutbacks of Gayle Sayers, the acceleration of OJ Simpson, the sweetness of Walter Payton, the agility of Barry Sanders and the speed of Bo Jackson and you have a Reggie Bush. The 49ers really shouldn't feel too bad, they're just the first of many to come of teams who will deny they had a problem with stopping Reggie Bush. Kinda like someone with an alcohol, drug or gambling problem who just can't stop. When you can't handle the truth you sometimes fabricate an excuse. But in football there's the tale of the tape, and the tape don't lie! Roll'em - Reggie Bushwhacks 49ers Highlight

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